Patient Survey Results 2018-2019

Our previous surveys have always been emailed to our Virtual Patient Participation Group and a paper version offered to those patients who attended the surgery whilst the survey had been open. This year we wanted to capture a wider population of patients and we therefore sent a text message to all patients with a mobile phone number registered, offering them the opportunity to take part. We also offered the paper version of the survey to those patients who attended the surgery whilst the survey was open.

This not only increased uptake by 25% compared to the 2016/17 survey, it also gave patients who may have never been involved, a chance to comment and give feedback where they have not had the opportunity to do so previously. We had 406 respondents compared to 323 in 2016/17

To allow direct comparison to the previous survey we kept the questions the same with the addition of one question relating to a new service, however the 25% increase in uptake needs to be taken into consideration when comparing the results.

We also gave patients the opportunity to leave comments and expand on the reasons for rating us in the ‘How satisfied are you…’ questions. It was made clear that individual responses would not be possible unless an email address was provided with each comment as all the responses were anonymous.

Satisfaction with current Appointment System

Year Extremely dissatisfied Very dissatisfied Satisfied Very satisfied Extremely  satisfied
2016/17 5.26% 8.05% 37.15% 29.72% 19.81%
2018/19 5.42% 9.61% 33.74% 26.35% 24.88%

A number of patients commented that they would like to be able to book non-urgent appointments in advance and not to have to ring at 8am. This has highlighted a training need for our staff. We will be re-training our staff to ensure the next available appointment for a GP is offered before patients are advised to call back the next day.

Patients should also be signposted to the Online Service as this allows them to book appointments in advance and as NHS England have specified that 25% of our appointments should be available to book online later in the year then we should be actively encouraging more patients to use this service.

As with previous surveys, comments were also made with regards to being able to book with ANY GP. To ensure continuity of care, our GP’s run personal patient lists, which means a patient is registered and is always looked after by a named GP (except when the GP is on leave). This relationship is beneficial to both the patient and the GP as it encourages a good relationship and trust. Patients will therefore only be booked with their registered doctor. If there is a particular reason why they would want to see a different GP for a ‘one off’ appointment then this can be arranged by the Reception Team when appropriate.

Availability of Telephone Consultations

Year Yes No
2016/17 83.59% 16.41%
2018/19 84.48% 15.52%

Even though there was a 25% increase in responses, it is encouraging that 84% of patients are aware that this service is available. Telephone Consultations are available to be booked in the same way face to face consultations are and are always offered by the Reception Team when appropriate

Awareness of Patient Access

Year Yes No
2016/17 90.09% 9.91%
2018/19 71.43% 28.57%

As the previous survey was aimed at those patients with registered email addresses, and mostly signed up to the online service, we are not surprised that the awareness of Patient Access has reduced this time round. We have added a Patient Access application form to the Registration Packs to raise awareness of Online Services to new patients and the Reception Team have been encouraged to promote Patient Access to current patients as much as possible. Banners will also be put up to encourage patients to sign up to this service

Satisfaction of Telephone System

Year Satisfied Placed in queue No preference
2016/17 44.27% 34.06% 21.67%
2018/19 51.23% 26.85% 21.92%

Funding is available to upgrade or change our Telephone System through an Improvement Grant but once again our Practice Survey indicates that the majority of our patients are either satisfied or have no preference, we will therefore not be making any changes.

Awareness of eConsult Service

Year Yes No
2016/17 35.60% 64.40%
2018/19 25.62% 74.38%

The eConsult service is advertised on our website and in the Waiting Room so we are a little surprised that less people are aware of the service however this may be due to the wider population that was surveyed this time.

Awareness of GP Extended Access (GPEA) – NEW QUESTION

Year Yes No
2018/19 24.63% 75.37%

This is a fairly new service that has had many teething problems with the availability of appointments. Due to this we did not wish to actively advertise a service that was not fully operational as intended. However, Practices have now been given an allocation of GP appointments and these are offered to patients when appropriate. The CCG has also agreed to advertise this new service locally. We will look forward to new developments in this service and will raise awareness as it improves.

Preferred choice for Extended Hours (in-house)

Year 7am – 8am (once per week) 6.30pm – 7.30pm (once per week) Saturday (3 per month) No preference
2016/17 8.67% 23.22% 48.61% 34.06%
2018/19 9.61% 18.47% 41.87% 41.13%

Despite a 25% increase in responses, it is encouraging that the survey indicates that the majority of our patients’ preferred choice is still the Saturday Clinics. We will therefore not be making any changes.

Satisfaction with facilities

Year Extremely dissatisfied Very dissatisfied Satisfied Very satisfied Extremely  satisfied
2016/17 2.48% 1.86% 40.87% 33.44% 21.36%
2018/19 3.45% 3.94% 34.73% 30.05% 27.83%

Although more patients were very or extremely satisfied with the facilities at Park Lane Medical Centre, the number of patients that were extremely or very dissatisfied had increased from 4.3% to 7.4% and as this was an entirely different cohort of patients we felt that this needed to be addressed.

A number of comments mentioned the toilets, reception area and how difficult the front door was for wheelchair & pushchair users. An Improvement Grant has been applied for and approved. Extensive work will soon begin to refurbish the Reception Area, lowering part of the counter for wheelchair users and modernising the whole area. A new disabled toilet will be installed and the two other patient toilets refurbished. New automatic widened doors will be fitted to both sets of doors in Reception to allow easier access. Outside the Car Park has had the lines repainted making way for an allocated Disable Parking Bay.

A number of patients requested a Vending Machine/Water Dispenser to be installed in the waiting area. We will ask the Practices in our locality if they provide this for their patients and what, if any drawbacks they encountered.

Seating in the waiting area was also mentioned as being ‘tatty & uncomfortable’. The seats are re-covered periodically when required but it is not practical to replace the entire seating module as there is limited storage space in the practice and we use the underneath for consumables (couch rolls, toilet rolls, hand towels etc) We are waiting for extensive building works to be approved and carried out so this situation may change in the future.

Satisfaction with availability of GP Appointments

Year Extremely dissatisfied Very dissatisfied Satisfied Very satisfied Extremely  satisfied
2016/17 5.88% 11.46% 40.87% 25.70% 16.10%
2018/19 3.45% 3.94% 34.73% 30.05% 27.83%

No significant increase or decrease despite the 25% increase in responses to the survey and this is encouraging. We are however aware of an issue with the availability of online appointments with Dr Chandra who is on Maternity Leave. Our Clinical System only allows patients to book online appointments with their registered GP’s and therefore locum appointments cannot be made available online. A number of patients have contacted us with regards to the lack of availability of GP appointments for Dr Chandra and this has been explained. We have also advised them that we will be happy to arrange appointments on their behalf if they send us a message or email. There is no other alternative until Dr Chandra returns

Satisfaction with availability of Nurse Appointments

Year Extremely dissatisfied Very dissatisfied Satisfied Very satisfied Extremely  satisfied
2016/17 2.48% 6.81% 47.68% 25.39% 17.65%
2018/19 3.45% 3.94% 34.73% 30.05% 27.83%

Although satisfaction with the availability of nurse’s appointments had increased quite significantly there were a number of comments regarding the waiting time for nurse appointments. All our nurses work part time and all specialise in specific areas and therefore availability for certain appointments can take more time, especially for double annual review appointments. However, we do save a number of appointments blocked off each day for those patients that need to be seen more urgently (dressings & ECG etc) these are booked by the nurses directly as appropriate.

With GPEA more nurses’ appointments are becoming available and therefore if patients wished to be seen sooner and out of core hours we will soon be able to accommodate this.

Satisfaction with Reception Team

Year Extremely dissatisfied Very dissatisfied Satisfied Very satisfied Extremely  satisfied
2016/17 1.86% 4.64% 38.08% 33.44% 21.98%
2018/19 4.68% 4.93% 35.47% 29.31% 25.62%

Surprisingly satisfaction regarding the help patients feel they receive from the Reception Team has dropped slightly and 9.61% of patients surveyed are now either extremely or very dissatisfied. This may only be 39 patients out of the 406 patient who completed the survey and we are aware that a different cohort of patients responded however, some of the feedback suggested there was a particular member of staff that sometimes came across as rude. We believe that we have identified the member of staff and extra training in Customer service has been undertaken.

Patient expectations have increased significantly and this may be reflected in the results also

Overall Satisfaction

Year Extremely dissatisfied Very dissatisfied Satisfied Very satisfied Extremely  satisfied
2016/17 2.17% 4.64% 36.22% 34.06% 22.91%
2018/19 3.45% 5.67% 34.24% 28.33% 28.33%

We had a lot of very positive comments despite a slight increase in those patients that were either very or extremely dissatisfied however this only represented 9.12% of patients that weren’t satisfied. The comments were varied and no particular items stood out which should be addressed

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