Are you a Carer?

Carers are people who provide unpaid practical or emotional support to a family member, a friend or another person who needs help or support to manage daily activities.

A carer may be looking after

  • an older person
  • someone who has a mental health condition
  • someone living with a disability
  • someone with a long-term medical condition
  • someone with a terminal illness.
  • Carers may be adults caring for other adults. They may be parents looking after children who have a medical condition or disability. There are also young carers (under 18) caring for, or involved in the care of, relatives or friends.

The closeness of the relationship means that care can include emotional support for the person they support. Some carers do not call themselves carers. They just see themselves as a husband, wife, parent, relative, friend or neighbour. Sometimes there can be more than one carer supporting someone as part of a family or community network. At times, the carer may not be recognised as a carer by the person they are caring for.

You can register your details with your doctor’s practice so that your notes are tagged to indicate that you are a carer or that the patient is a cared for person. It will help your GP if they are aware of your caring responsibilities and the potential impact of your caring responsibilities on your own health. The doctor’s receptionist can then also take account of your needs as a carer when trying to arrange appointment times that fit in with your caring responsibilities.

Other support available from:

Connect to Support Hampshire

Find information and services on their website

Princess Royal Trust for Carers in Hampshire

Offer information, support, advice and emergency respite services for all carers in Hampshire.

Phone 01264 835246

[email protected]

Havant, Leigh Park & West Leigh Good Neighbours

Phone 07908 435657

Hospital Transport, GP Transport, Other Health Transport, Shopping, Visiting

Havant Young Carers (for carers under the age of 18)

138 Purbrook Way Leigh Park Havant PO9 3SU

Phone 02392 474724

Please Click Here to download Carers GP Registration Form

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